Frequently Asked Questions

Question about selling

If you have a mortgage yes, if you buy cash it’s your decision, but your solicitor will advise.

Searches are the ground the house sits on (your solicitor deals with these), survey is the building and grounds.

Your Agent will not only sell and check your buyers position and affordability, they will also liaise with your solicitor to get the sale through smoothly.

As soon as you are ready to move home.

Use an Agent that offers no sale no fee and accept the offer subject to finding your perfect home.

Have a good clear out and freshen your home up.

It makes you look more motivated to move and easier for the buyers to find your home.

Mystery shop, see how you feel about their service and the rapport you build with them, as this is how your viewers/buyers will be treated.

No! The best offers and most motivated buyers come at the beginning.

No go lower with offers above to get a high volume of buyers through the door.

Depends on your affordability, but a higher deposit will give you a better choice of property, with lower interest rates.

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